Helyar & Co Peer Network Program


Developing and Growing Community Sector Managers

Helyar & Co believe Managers in community services are key drivers and deliverers of essential social services. Our community and our service system are stronger when Managers are supported to develop good practice in themselves and their teams, feel fulfilled in their roles, inspire their staff and actively contribute to both sustainability and growth of services that meet community needs and aspirations.

Helyar & Co offer a bespoke leadership development program for Managers in the community sector. It is a facilitated Peer Network Program delivered over multiple months to allow time to learn, adopt, reflect and embed new knowledge and techniques. The Program is delivered by Susan Helyar and Elena Forato. Susan and Elena have a wealth of experience in social service delivery, program design, public policy development, Ministerial engagement and liaison, advocating for policy and program reform, mentoring staff and providing staff and service development consultancies.

The Peer Network Program focuses on: strengthening management knowledge and capability through knowledge sharing and presentations on good management practice; promoting peer group discussions; providing a safe space for self‑assessment and growth; with participants supported in their development through professional coaching.

The Peer Network Program is tailored to the needs of Managers in community and health NGOs of diverse sizes and service types, based in the ACT and adjacent regions.  The Peer Network Program will expand participant perspectives and increase skills through a mix of formally presented content, group discussions, role-plays and sharing of good practice. Participants will be supported to adopt relevant and effective management frameworks and tools to improve their performance and the performance of their team.

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Alumni of the Peer Network Program will:

  • Demonstrate increased confidence as team managers
  • Be equipped to improve the quality, safety, sustainability, innovation and impact of the services they manage.
  • Have the capability to share insights and recommendations with senior Executives to inform organisational business operations and strategic planning.
  • Be able to tap into a network of peers to seek and offer support and continue to grow as leaders.

Organisations will receive a quarterly briefing from the Program facilitators on:

  • Professional and performance challenges for Managers.
  • Opportunities to address organisational challenges through service redesign, partnerships and advocacy.


Program Fees

Program Outline

Content is divided into four seasons organised around four management capability themes: Understanding Yourself, Understanding Your Context, Understanding Your Team, Leading Your Team. Each monthly session will include:

  • Pre-reading materials – provided by facilitators.
  • Information sharing to gain new perspectives and knowledge – through peer led discussions and individual reflective exercises.
  • Consideration of new management frameworks and practices – recommended by peers and facilitators.
  • Post-workshop materials to support further self-guided learning.
  • Learning and embedding new skills – through a try/test/learn cycle of development.

Program Content


Season 1 (8 hours) – Understand Yourself

This season will focus on building self-awareness as a Manager. Managers will strengthen their communication skills; consider internal and external drivers of confidence and performance; and try/test/learn techniques for professional reflection, growth and rejuvenation. 

Season 2 (6 hours) – Understand your Context

This season will focus on understanding the social policy and program delivery context in which Managers are leading their team. Managers will be equipped to identify and present insights from direct practice that can inform and shape service delivery and improvements, as well as organisation business development and longer-term strategic planning

Season 3 (6 hours) – Understand your Team

This season will focus on generating a deep understanding of team member styles, strengths and development needs; influencing team dynamics and culture; addressing challenges in supervision relationships.


Season 4 (6 hours) – Lead your Team

This season will focus on consolidating what has been explored and learned over the previous seasons, and bringing it all together in ways that will strengthen the confidence and capability of managers. Managers will be equipped to:

  • Understand, develop and inspire their team.
  • Sustain their enthusiasm, energy and effectiveness as a manager.
  • Source and apply suitable tools/techniques for enhancing team performance.

How to Join the Program

Nominations are currently open for the ACT and Region Community Sector Managers Peer Network Program that will commence in early 2025.

  • Nominations can be sent via the nomination button below
  • 2025 Program will be run over several months across the calendar year

Nominations will be limited to four people per organisation to maximise the opportunity of participants to build diverse professional connections and networks.

The program can also be offered as an organisation-wide management development program for a minimum of 10 participants.

Program fees are $2250+ GST per participant. Fees will be invoiced following confirmation of your nominees to the program. Fees will be invoiced in two tranches with 50% due on commencement and 50% due mid-way through the program.