The core objective of Helyar & Co
is to work with organisations to strengthen their social license.

We define this as:

  • Your credibility with internal and external stakeholders
  • Legitimacy in your sector/industry and community
  • Your entitlement to gain financial and reputational rewards from the work you do

We do this by providing timely, high quality consulting services. We lead consulting projects and work in partnership with other experts to deliver high quality services.

Helyar & Co will strengthen your ability to deliver a positive social impact by:

  • Clearly communicating your strategic intent, scope of influence and expected impact on social outcomes
  • Facilitating authentic dialogue with stakeholders when decisions are being made that will create change
  • Enabling and sustaining effective partnerships that expand your reach and impact
  • Providing leadership development that strengthens individual and team performance

Strategic and Operational Review

Helyar & Co provides bespoke strategic and operational reviews. The reviews include workshops to consider your current social and community services and document insights and findings that guide immediate action and longer term changes that strengthen your organisation.

These workshops and reports consider the complex, challenging and constantly evolving environment in which you work and enable you to define and implement service, program and management transformations that:

  • Align with your strategic intent
  • Make sense to your stakeholders
  • Ensure service, workforce and infrastructure development matches community needs and expectations
  • Deliver positive social impact
  • Strengthen your reputation and value proposition

Policy Review

Helyar & Co reviews public policy settings relevant to your organisation, sector or industry, provides desktop research and facilitates stakeholder engagement to:

  • Broaden perspectives and gain new insights
  • Identify unmet needs relevant to your organisation purpose and objectives
  • Understand your appetite, readiness, capability and
    opportunities to meet these needs
  • Leverage roles and networks to form strategic and operational partnerships
  • Develop team capability
  • More effectively deploy your talent and resources
  • Harness internal and external stakeholder trust, loyalty
    and commitment

Locum CEO Service 

With 12 years experience in Executive roles in community sector peak bodies, and strong professional relationships with ACT and National Peak Bodies, Susan is able to fill short term gaps in CEO positions in these types of organisations – leading the strategic agenda, managing the staff team, maintaining positive relationships with external stakeholders and partners and providing strategic and operational advice to the governing body.

    Community engagement

    Helyar & Co leads community engagement activities, bringing a strong reputation for clear communication, an ability to form and sustain authentic relationships and highly effective networking skills.

      Policy advice and advocacy

      Helyar & Co can work with organisations to develop policy submissions and support advocacy activities to influence positive social change through public policy and program reform.