Transform together. Leading stakeholder consultation and engagement, improving social services, shaping policy reform and advocating for stronger social infrastructure.  Learn more

Susan formed Helyar & Co to share her distinctive mix of skills and experience in leading stakeholder engagement and consultation, improving social services, shaping policy reform and advocating for stronger social infrastructure.

Her passion is transforming together – building alliances and facilitating partnerships that strengthen communities. Her work is focused on ensuring socially just outcomes are core priorities in developing strategy, designing services, agreeing plans and assessing progress and impact.

Susan brings honesty, thoughtfulness, generosity, curiosity and humility to all her professional interactions. She is motivated by learning by doing, partnership and creative problem solving.

Susan brings skills and insights from fourteen years of working as an Executive with social services, community organisations, peak bodies and governments to discern priorities, identify opportunities and agree strategies to make positive social change.

Change is ever present. Do you want to be ready, able and resourced to influence change, respond to opportunities and lead the transformations that are needed to stay relevant and effective?

Helyar & Co will engage with you to consider where you are now, and work with you to get from now to next. In a complex, challenging and constantly evolving environment Susan will work together with you to define and implement transformations that:


  • Align with your strategic intent
  • Make sense to your stakeholders
  • Ensure workforce, service and infrastructure development matches community needs and expectations
  • Deliver positive social impact
  • Strengthen your reputation and value proposition.